Message from Pastor Myron

I know moving indoors creates new challenges and different comfort issues. To make people feel as safe as possible as we move inside, I realize that some of you will choose to stay home and watch the Facebook feed. We are trying to make the Facebook feed as "professional" as possible. If you have any suggestions to improve the Facebook feed, please let me know.

For those attending the service, we will start with the following guidelines:

  1. Face mask
  2. Face masks should be worn at all times inside the building, with a few exceptions. State guidelines allow people not to wear masks for medical issues, if they are under 12, and for actual public speaking. We need communication on the stage between musicians and singers, so people on the stage can remove their mask only while on the stage. As soon as someone leave the stage to the floor, they will put on their face mask at that time, including me.

  3. Clean hands
  4. Hand sanitizer is located at all of the entrances. Please use it coming in and going out of the building.

  5. Social distancing
  6. Some pews will be blocked off to provide social distancing. Please respect the areas designated for where sitting is allowed and not allowed. Also, respect people's personal 6' distancing when possible

  7. Hymn Books and Bibles
  8. Hymn Books and Bibles have been removed as suggested by CDC guidelines. Bulletins will not be available since it is suggested not to distribute literature.

  9. Keep it to yourself
  10. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and utilize the Facebook feed.

  11. Prayer requests and offering
  12. As before, prayer request can be texted to me at 919-623-3648. Baskets will be placed in the sanctuary for offerings to be collected.

  13. Limited capacity
  14. Our maximum live attendance should not exceed 50 people. We will determine how well social distancing can happen at that capacity before opening the service up to more people. Being that this weekend is a holiday weekend, and I already know of several that will be watching on Facebook, I do not believe we will be in danger of going over our limit this weekend.

  15. Restrooms
  16. Restrooms will be open.

  17. Nursery and Children's church
  18. For now, there will be no nursery or children's church. We will evaluate this in the future to determine if these ministries can be offered within current guidelines.

Remember, the church is not subject to the current state guidelines. All of these guidelines are an effort to provide a safe environment for the church to come together for worship. If you attend and have suggestions to make your worship experience more comfortable, please let me know. We will be adapting and implementing guidelines weekly as we seek to create an atmosphere where people can worship without compromising their medical safety.

I hope to see all of you this weekend, either in the church or on Facebook!

In His name,
Pastor Myron